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Carnivores of Africa Poster

Manufacturer: Korck Publishing

Recommended Age: All Ages

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Shipping Weight: 5 ounces

Product Dimensions: 23.4 x x 35.4 inches



72 carnivore species are brilliantly illustrated by Jonathan Kingdon on this poster. In nature, the number and diversity of carnivores is one of the surest signs of ecological richness because each species sits at the top of a different food chain belonging to a different cycle of organic matter. Each type of carnivore implies a much larger ecological community and each acts in their own unique way. Certain otters, mongooses, wild dogs, hyaenas and lions are social hunters. Most other carnivores are solitary hunters and foragers.

-Posters are 35 x 24 inches.
-Laminated on both sides for ultimate protection.
-Printed on heavy art paper with world class print quality.

About Korck:
Korck Publishing is a South African publishing company established in 1993 with a focus on educational and natural history subject matter. Korck Posters' 36 natural history posters together illustrate about 4000 different species of birds, mammals, fishes, sharks, snakes, frogs, etc. There is simply nothing like them worldwide. Their popularity grows as they are discovered by more and more people, from children to scientists, with an interest in nature and nature conservation.