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Coastal Fish of Southern Africa (Offshore) Poster

Manufacturer: Korck Publishing

Recommended Age: All Ages

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The brilliant illustrations by Elain Heemstra on this poster depict 101 species found offshore in the neritic zone, from the surface to depths of 200 meters.

While spectacularly colorful and varied, the fish populations around the southern African coast are not an unlimited resource. Numbers of many species have declined in recent years due to several factors, foremost being an increase in the number of anglers and commercial fishermen. The slow growth and long life of some species like rockcod, red steenbras, etc means that it takes several years before maturity is reached and the species is able to reproduce. The distribution of some species is concentrated in specific areas and larger specimens in a heavily exploited area are frequently caught before they are able to breed.

The names of all the fish illustrated on this poster are shown in English with their scientific names in Latin. Distribution areas are given together with the maximum size and weight attained for each species. Endemic species are indicated in blue. The status of fish species whose numbers are threatened or vulnerable or where their catch is prohibited or restricted are shown, Where there is a great difference in coloration between males and females of a particular species, both are illustrated. Juveniles of many species are also shown.

Fish Include:
Bonito, gurnard, jobfish, kingfish, kob, lizardfish, mackerel, marlin, rockcod, seabream, steenbras, stumpnose, and tuna.

-Posters are 35 x 24 inches.
-Laminated on both sides for ultimate protection.
-Printed on heavy art paper with world class print quality.

About Korck:
Korck Publishing is a South African publishing company established in 1993 with a focus on educational and natural history subject matter. Korck Posters' 36 natural history posters together illustrate about 4000 different species of birds, mammals, fishes, sharks, snakes, frogs, etc. There is simply nothing like them worldwide. Their popularity grows as they are discovered by more and more people, from children to scientists, with an interest in nature and nature conservation.