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Migratory Birds (South Bound European) Poster

Manufacturer: Korck Publishing

Model Number: 1-919866-28-0

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Shipping Weight: 5 ounces

Model Number: 1-919866-28-0

Product Dimensions: 23.4 x x 35.4 inches



This poster subject concentrates on the birds which migrate between the zoogeographical Palearctic region and southern Africa which is the southernmost part of the Afro-tropical region. The Palearctic region encompasses the northern hemisphere countries of Europe, north Africa, Asia north of the Himalayas, the Middle East and northern Arabia. Birds breed in these areas during the northern hemisphere’s summer months when there is a rich supply of food and ideal breeding conditions. As the winter in the northern hemisphere is severe, food sources are frozen over or reduced and birds are compelled to migrate south to more favorable habitats. In this poster we have attempted to graphically illustrate the principal migratory routes followed by the birds illustrated. While the routes are shown here as accurately as is known, there is still much research to be completed on exact flight paths and stop-over points.

Most birds follow routes where food sources are available eg coastlines, rivers and lakes. Very few land birds undertake long ocean or desert crossings. But the most amazing group of migrants are the diminutive warblers weighing only a few grams, migrating by night, navigating by the stars between northern Europe or Siberia to southern Africa where they spend the European winter months, returning 6 months later to breed.

200 bird species migrate south from the Palearctic region – more than 80 of these traveling as far south as southern Africa. At a conservative estimate, 500million birds set off on their migratory flights each year.

Bird Families Include:
Bee-eater, buzzard, crake, cuckoo, eagle, godwit, harrier, martin, plover, redshank, sandpiper, shrike, tern, and warbler.

-Posters are 35 x 24 inches.
-Laminated on both sides for ultimate protection.
-Printed on heavy art paper with world class print quality.

About Korck:
Korck Publishing is a South African publishing company established in 1993 with a focus on educational and natural history subject matter. Korck Posters' 36 natural history posters together illustrate about 4000 different species of birds, mammals, fishes, sharks, snakes, frogs, etc. There is simply nothing like them worldwide. Their popularity grows as they are discovered by more and more people, from children to scientists, with an interest in nature and nature conservation.