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Charades for Kids - An Imaginative Classic Party Game for Young Children

Manufacturer: Outset Media

Model Number: CHT-701

Recommended Age: Ages 9 to 14

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Shipping Weight: 1 pound

Model Number: CHT-701

Product Dimensions: 6 x 7 x 1.6 inches


Kids Charades is a classic party game that develops critical thinking skills and builds imagination. Instant fun and laughter for the whole family. Geared towards younger kids, its easy to have the whole family join in on the fun of charades. For 3 or more players.Game includes 50 charade cards, sand time, score pad, dice, and pencil. In this game, players attempt to perform and guess a whole host of fun charades. The first player or team to cross off its row of dice on the score pad wins the game. There are 6 categories that can be acted out: People, Characters, Animals, Objects, Actions, or Phrases. All players will know the category ahead of time, making it easy, thoughtful, and fun for kids. Kids Charades is a best seller, and a great game for families. It encourages togetherness, concentration, imagination, creativity, and offers a great bonding experience for family and friends!

Activities and outcomes:
Older Children tackle pattern recognition problems, geometrical puzzles and mathematical riddles, and play educational games to learn about science, nature, history, geography and sports. Pop trivia, picture charades and matching games test younger minds. Families interact to create memorable social experiences.

Why we like Outset Media:
- Award-winning educational games
- No-reading-required games
- Games to encourage family interaction and communication
- Great alternatives to Internet and video games
- Built to last, with quality construction and materials
Outset Media is a privately held supplier of toys, games, and puzzles founded by David Manga in 1996. Since then, Outset Media has produced award-winning high quality games and puzzles that promote learning, fun, and family time.

Outset Media has family board games and card games for all ages. The Canadian company is also known for its popular MindTrap brain games, as well as the Noggin Workshop brain teasers, like The Ultimate Brain Challenge and travel card games like IQ Squares and IQ Busters.

Children love their award-winning card game, Professor Noggins’, which includes 39 titles spanning subjects from history to geography to nature, science and sports; it's a fun, engaging, and entertaining educational card game that parents can appreciate.

Whether it is spending time with your family or time in the classroom, playing board games is an excellent way to have fun together. For some laugh-out-loud fun try Family Charades-In-A-Box. Because games matter.

Based in Victoria, BC, Canada