LEGO Shoppers


Blooming Minds, the premier online retailer of materials that create immersive learning experiences for children at all stages of development, announced it has added the LEGO® brand to its lineup of distinctive, high-quality toy offerings. A large variety of LEGO sets, representing multiple categories that appeal to children of different ages and with diverse interests, are now available for purchase on the Blooming Minds website ( 


Blooming Minds sources—from around the world—high-content materials that serve as a launch pad for exploration and as pathways for mental, emotional and physical growth. Through its website, where all of its thoughtfully selected offerings are available, Blooming Minds makes it easy for parents and educators to find, learn about and purchase these materials. In addition, the site provides resources, such as videos, articles, parenting ‘recipes’ and newsletters that help parents guide their children through their growth journeys.


Helen Huang, Co-founder & President of Blooming Minds, commented: “We are thrilled to offer LEGO products, because we really embrace their philosophy that play is a key element in children’s growth and development because it stimulates the imagination and the emergence of ideas and creative expression. In addition, the LEGO brand is known for high quality and safety. These longstanding priorities are perfectly aligned with our core values. In our view, no childhood experience is complete without LEGO building. We know our customers will be equally excited by the addition of LEGO sets to our store.”


Erin Carter, sales director for LEGO Systems, added: “As we explore new ways to engage with consumers and to expand our online retailing presence, we always look for partners who understand our philosophy and who will faithfully represent our global brand. In Blooming Minds, we have found a focused toy and game online retailer with a clear mission and a thoughtful approach to curating their offerings. We are excited to team up with Blooming Minds and look forward to a mutually rewarding relationship.”


About Blooming Minds

Founded in 2010 by Kathryn Flores and Helen Huang, and based on their experience with the Montessori approach to early childhood education and on the premise that ‘experienced’ parents have some of the most relevant insights about helping children dream and grow, Blooming Minds has established itself as a boutique online provider of educational materials for children of all ages. On the Blooming Minds website, parents and educators easily find the materials and blueprints to create content-rich environments that encourage the young people in their lives to explore, discover, master essential skills and pursue their passions. The company sources materials from the four corners of the earth, carries thousands of items representing dozens of high-quality brands, and makes it convenient and fun for parents to find and purchase age-appropriate, well-designed toys, games and books. To learn more, please visit or call 1-888-498-0614.

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