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Light on the Table Furniture (Petit Home Collection)

Manufacturer: Djeco

Model Number: DJ07830

Recommended Age: Ages 4 and up

Availability: Out of stock


Warning: Choking Hazard

Shipping Weight: 11 ounces

Model Number: DJ07830

Product Dimensions: 11 x 6.1 x 1.7 inches



This cool LED features a timer which automatically turns off the light after 20 minutes making it a great light to have on while your child is falling asleep. Works with a CEL battery which is included.

The Petit Home collection is built at a 1:12 scale which is the most popular dollhouse size. The collection can be mixed and matched with other 1:12 scale dollhouses. With this scale, 1 inch = 1 foot. If you’re ever in doubt about what size to make something in a 1:12 scale, just measure an object in your house and convert into inches. So for example, if your table is 2.5 feet high, you would make your dollhouse table 2.5 inches high. Pretty easy, right? Put the kids' math skills to use by having them create more items for the dollhouse by measuring and then replicating things in your own house.

Why we like Djeco:
- An unbelievably entertaining, educational, and imaginative collection of toys puzzles, art kits and room decorations
- Promotes activities and play essential to a child's development
- Quality design and materials
- Something for every child
- Make very attractive presents

A French company we discovered in a little art shop on the French Caribbean island of St. Bart's. Its exotic name refers to a Southeast Asian gecko said to bring good luck to one's home.

Djeco's collection of toys, puzzles, games, art kits and room decorations grew from an emphasis on graphic art, design quality, and a beautiful aesthetic. Faithful to their artistic approach, the passionate and inventive Djeco creative team calls on talented illustrators to enhance their large catalog of products.

They create with a spirit of freedom that makes space for fun and the most eccentric ideas. Together, they seek, experiment, share... And out of this chaos, toys are invented with a thousand and one colors to make children dream, laugh and discover the world.

Paris, France. Shipped from the USA and other countries