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The Story of the World Vol.4: The Modern Age (From Victoria's Empire to the End of the USSR)

Audiobook CD

Jim Weiss (Narrator)

Recommended Age: Ages 6 and up

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Author: Susan Wise Bauer

Format: CD

Release Date: September 17, 2006

Number of Discs: 7

Shipping Weight: 10.2 ounces



The Modern Age (1850 to 1994) History is a story; isn't it time you read it that way? This engaging series presents world history in a narrative format.

Where was the Crystal Palace? Who was the Sick Man of Europe? And how did cow fat start a revolution? This spirited reading of the last in Susan Wise Bauer's Story of the World history series brings to life the stories and records of the peoples of the modern age. This volume covers the major historical events of the years 1850 to the late 1990s, from the reign of England's Queen Victoria to the collapse of the Berlin Wall.

This Story of the World audiobook is a collaboration between Jim Weiss, whose voice is “liquid gold” (CNN TV), and Susan Wise Bauer, whose writing has been described as “timeless and intelligent” (Publishers Weekly). It may be used along with the print book, as a supplement to a traditional history curriculum, or independently.