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Exploring the World of Seals and Walruses

Tracy C. Read (Author)

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Paperback: 24 pages

Publisher: Firefly Books

Language: English

ISBN: 9781554077977

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The curious facts and exotic fun of the lives of seals and walruses.

The lifestyle of the seals that entertain at marine parks has little to do with how seals, sea lions and walruses actually survive in the wild. Exploring the World of Seals explains how these North American pinnipeds have adapted to live in two habitats, on land and in water. This ancient group of sea mammals comes in wildly different sizes, from the 100-pound ringed seal to the 3-ton elephant seal, and the range of their behaviors varies just as widely. With their streamlined bodies, insulating blubber or fur, flippers where other animals have limbs and long necks, these marine mammals are built to navigate the water in search of food, yet most of them court, mate and give birth on land.

How do seals and walruses regulate their body temperature? How do they see their prey and predators in the dim underwater light? What are the effects of massive oil spills on the survival of these species that have inhabited Earth for millions of years? Exploring the World of Seals provides these answers and many more.