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Birds Fandex Family Field Guide

Michael W. Robbins (Author)

Reading Level: Ages 9 to 99

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Paperback: 50 pages

Publisher: Workman Publishing

Language: English

ISBN: 9780761113973

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Birds is the ideal way to learn about North America's songbirds, backyard birds, shore birds, and birds of prey. From the diminutive Indigo Bunting, which navigates by starlight during its long migrations, to the fearsome Red-Tailed Hawk, Birds introduces 47 species and covers their habitat, range, diet, nests, eggs, and up-to-date conservation status.

-50 die-cut full color cards
-Hinged together with a plastic bolt
-Deck comes inside a clear plastic box with spine

Fandex is the quirky and wide-ranging series that includes images and text to create a lively family field guide of pure information. Take them along on a trip, use them to spark dinner table conversation, or keep them on hand for instant reference.

Baltimore Oriole:
Icterus galbula
Halloween comes to mind when a male Baltimore oriole, with its flame-orange and black plumage, flashes into view. By late October, however, this songbird may be seen only occasionally at feeders, as it migrates in colorful flocks from its summer territory throughout the East, It's named not for the Maryland port city on Chesapeake Bay, but for its color scheme, which is the same as that of Lord Baltimore's family, the 17th century founders of the Maryland colony.

Other orioles - Bullock's in the West, the spotted in Florida, and the orchard throughout the East and South - are similar in size, coloration, habits, and diet. Indeed they're known to interbreed and produce hybrids.

Orioles are most commonly seen in broken woodlands, forest edges, parks, open fields, garden, and at feeders. They forage for a wide variety of insects and spiders, and also like berries, other fruits, and flowers nectar.

Versatile singers, orioles can chatter like squirrels, whistle a long melody, and deliver a somewhat forlorn two-note call.

Field Notes:
Habitat: Wooded areas, parkland in city, suburb, and country, alongside roads and streams.
Range: Everywhere east of the Rockies except the lower Atlantic seaboard and the Gulf Coast. Bullock's oriole is found throughout the western states.
Diet: Insects and spiders of all kinds, fruits, flower nectar.
Nest: Sack of fibrosis materials suspended at the end of a drooping branch in a deciduous tree.
Eggs: Usually 3 to 5; blue-gray to white with some darker markings.
Status: Not threatened

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