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Mythology Fandex Family Field Guide

Kathryn Petras and Ross Petras (Author)

Reading Level: Ages 8 to 98

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Paperback: 50 pages

Publisher: Workman Publishing

Language: English

ISBN: 9780761112075

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Bringing the world of Mythology to your fingertips, Fandex presents a field guide to the legendary figures of ancient Greece and Rome. Which 12 gods and goddesses ruled from Mount Olympus? Who are the Fates, the Graces, the Muses? How did Theseus slay the monstrous Minotaur and escape from its labyrinth? What was the one thing to remain inside Pandora's vase? Each entry is illustrated with a rich selection of images drawn from statuary, painting, pottery, frescoes and mosaics, and includes the subject's lineage, personality and symbol.

-50 die-cut full color cards
-Hinged together with a plastic bolt
-Deck comes inside a clear plastic box with spine

Fandex is the quirky and wide-ranging series that includes images and text to create a lively family field guide of pure information. Take them along on a trip, use them to spark dinner table conversation, or keep them on hand for instant reference.

-God of light and purity, music, poetry, prophesy
-One of the twelve Olympians
-Patron to Healers, archers, musicians

To many Greeks, Apollo the Bright One, the Lord of the Silver Bow, was the most admirable of the gods. Apollo personified knowledge, beauty, and perfection. He was perpetually young, perpetually handsome, and wise without being dull. He advised humans to be moderate in all things, even though he himself sometimes got carried away in passionate love affairs. In fact, once his twin sister, Artemis, confronted him about this: "You're always talking about moderation," she said, "yet you're always falling passionately in love."

With a laugh, Apollo replied: "I teach moderation in all things - including moderation."

Apollo had many homes, but many say he loved Delos and Delphi best. Delos is a desolate, rocky sea-swept island in the middle of the Aegean Sea, and it was here that Apollo was born, fed on nectar and ambrosia by his mother, Leto. When he was only four days old, he traveled to Delphi on the Greek mainland and there killed a terrible snake called Python with his bow and arrow. Afterwards, he decided to take over a future-telling oracle there (some say he stole it from Grandmother Earth).

Apollo's oracle was located in a spectacular setting in rocky Delphi. Almost two thousand feet up in the mountains, between two high crags reaching even higher, there is a deep crack in the rock which the Greeks thought was the very center, the navel, of the earth, Here Apollo selected a priestess, call the Pythia, and predicted the future only through her. The Pythia sat on a tripod over the fissure in the rock. Hearing a question, she would wait in a strange trance before answering, Her responses to Apollo's questions would usually be in the form of riddles, but there was the wisdom of Apollo in them and many people clamored to ask questions of the Pythia.

Apollo was also famous for his love of music. He enjoyed competing against humans in musical contests, pitting his lyre against another's flute, although here he didn't behave very moderately. He whipped one competing flute player to death, and he cursed King Midas by giving him donkey ears simply for judging another's musical skill superior to his own.

The god of light was easy to admire, but sometimes difficult to be near.

Personality: wise, cheerful, sometimes jealous
Children: Asclepius, the god of healing; Aristaios, the inventor of beekeeping; Linnus; Eleuther, Ion, and Philemon
Parents: Zeus and Leto
Symbols: mouse, sun disk, lyre, laurel
(Excerpted from Fandex Family Field Guides: Trees. Copyright. Reprinted with permission by Workman Publishing.)

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