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Trees Fandex Family Field Guide

Steven Aronson (Author)

Reading Level: Ages 8 to 98

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Paperback : 50 pages

Publisher: Workman Publishing

Language: English

ISBN: 9780761112044

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Bringing the world of trees to your fingertips, Fandex presents a foolproof field guide. Four visual keys (die-cut leaf, bark pattern, flower, nut or seed, and photo of the full tree) plus descriptions of habitat and more combine to give a complete picture of North America's forest and backyard trees.

In addition, Trees is a cultural history--of the mighty White Oak, California Redwood, the tree that grows in Brooklyn, and the important White Ash, as important for the bows of early Native Americans as for the baseball bats of today.

-50 die-cut full color cards
-Hinged together with a plastic bolt
-Deck comes inside a clear plastic box with spine

Fandex is the quirky and wide-ranging series that includes images and text to create a lively family field guide of pure information. Take them along on a trip, use them to spark dinner table conversation, or keep them on hand for instant reference.

Oak, Northern Red:
Quercus rubra/Quercus borealis
The ancient Lation word quercus, probably of Celtic origin, means "beautiful tree"; rubra means "red"; borealis means "northern." In Red Oaks as opposed to White, the lobes of the leaves are pointed and the acors mature in the second year. Squirrels and other animals eschew these acorns because of their bitter taste and so, ironically, there are always multitudes left over to germinate and sprout ever more Northern Oak saplings that will in turn have many more bitter-tasting acorns. And the tree reproduces not only from acorns but also by stump sprouts.

This is a good urban street tree. It is resistant to salt, which is used so much on winter sidewalks, and it grows more rapidly than any other oak.

Southern Red Oak (Quercus falcata) has leaves with a rusty or hairy underside and half-inch rounded acorns. California Black Oak (Quercus kelloggii) has a short trunk and rounded crown, and its one-inch acorns are ellipsoidal, with the cup covering one-third of the acorn. (Excerpted from Fandex Family Field Guides: Trees. Copyright. Reprinted with permission by Workman Publishing.)

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