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How To Multiply Your Baby’s Intelligence Program

Glenn Doman, Douglas Doman, Janet Doman (Author)

Reading Level: Adult

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Publisher: Square One Publishers

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This program is designed for those who already have the book How To Multiply Your Baby’s Intelligence. In addition, the DVDs How to Teach Your Baby Math, How to Teach Your Baby to Read, and How to Give Your Baby Encyclopedic Knowledge are very helpful. (They need to be purchased separately.) Used together, the book, DVDs, and cards provides parents with a simple and clear daily program for teaching small children. At the same time, the essential and close contact of learning together enriches the love and respect between parents and baby. As this wonderful program demonstrates, learning to read, to do mathematics, or gain knowledge of any subject is not a chore, for either parent or child. It is a source of fun, enjoyment, achievement, and pride.



-Large reading word cards (75 single word cards, 27 couplet cards, 13 phrase cards, and 5 sentence cards) with words which are 2.25 inches tall, making them great for young children's immature visual pathways.
-A good first book, Enough, Inigo, Enough.
-Dot Cards with numbers from 0 to 100 on 11" by 11" sturdy poster board.
-Four categories of bit of intelligence cards with ten cards in each category: Insects (Set I), Musical Instruments, Foreign Languages, and Sea Creatures (Bits are subject to change without notice). Forty beautiful cards in all, with ten facts on the back of each one.

Elements of this program are also found in the Read, Math, and Encyclopedic Knowledge programs.

About The Gentle Revolution Press:
The Gentle Revolution Press is the official publisher of books and teaching materials by Glenn Doman and The Institutes for the Achievement of Human Potential. Glenn Doman is the founder of The Institutes for the Achievement of Human Potential and the author of the books in the Gentle Revolution Series. His groundbreaking book How To Teach Your Baby To Read, published in 1964, introduced the concept that tiny children can and want to learn, and that parents are their best teachers. The books in the Gentle Revolution Series contain the why’s and how’s of teaching your child. The Gentle Revolution teaching materials are designed for use with the programs described in the books and DVDs.