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The Bug Book and Bug Bottle

Hugh Danks (Author)

Reading Level: Ages 8 and up

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Paperback: 112 pages

Publisher: Workman Publishing

Language: English

ISBN: 9780761148890

Shipping Weight: 12 ounces

Product Dimensions: 2.6 x 5.2 x 5.5 inches



The ingeniously designed, safe plastic bottle is perfect for catching and viewing creepy crawlies, then letting them go unharmed. (This is a bug kit with a conscience!) The full-color book provides field notes to 46 bugs arranged by habitat, including pond, forest, ground, leaves, field, and flower. Written by entomologist Hugh Danks, the Bug Book gives comprehensive information about these fascinating creatures—how they live, what they eat, unusual characteristics, and more. It offers simple, clear guidelines on how to collect and care for bugs, and equally helpful hints on which bugs not to catch. Included are a fold-out bug chart for quick identification, a magnifier to see the critters up close, and a bug explorer's journal to record discoveries.

Discover how the whirligig beetle got its name, why fireflies light up, and how water striders walk on water. And then impress parents and friends—here are all the tools kids need to become bona fide bug experts.

About Hugh Danks, Ph.D:
Hugh Danks, Ph.D., is an award-winning entomologist who served as the head of the Biological Survey of Canada for insects for nearly 30 years. Dr. Danks wrote the first edition of The Bug Book and has given many workshops at the Canadian Museum of Nature in Ottawa, Canada, where he lives.

About Workman Publishing:
Workman Publishing Company has been producing award-winning calendars, cookbooks, parenting guides, and children’s titles since 1968. Their wide range of high-quality non-fiction titles and products inspire, educate, and entertain readers around the globe.