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How to Start Playing Bananagrams with Your Kids Parenting Recipe

My adult cousins got me playing Bananagrams and I prefer it to Scrabble because it is more fun with a group. Bananagrams is sort of like speed Scrabble where everyone plays at the same time, making their own words to use up their tiles. As we were playing, my children started hanging around over our shoulders, pointing out words to make. Even my first grader started getting pretty good. We decided to form teams and paired a kid with each adult. I also allowed the kids to use The Official Scrabble Players Dictionary and Banagrams! The Official Book during the game to look up words so they could get better and better. (In the back of the Scrabble Dictionary, there are lists of words which use difficult constants, make sure to point this section out to everyone.)

Soon the kids were forming teams with each other and taking on the adults. I always make sure to help them a little during the game if they get stuck. I want them to be excited to play and not care too much about losing. When someone wins, we all look at their words together and make sure everything is correct. Then we all try to solve all the unfinished puzzles as a group. The kids find this competitive cooperation really fun and will work hard to solve others' puzzles. I now have to play full out and the kids still beat me. Mission accomplished!

  • Bananagrams (Use Double Bananagrams if there are 6 or more players/teams. Olympic Bananagrams has five "joker" tiles which are used like a wild card to represent any letter.)
  • The Official Scrabble Players Dictionary
  • Bananagrams! The Official Book (You may want to point out certain words to everyone, like "xi" and "qi", which use difficult consonants and are listed in this book. This will help cut down the frustration for novice players.)



The Official SCRABBLE Players Dictionary, Fouth Edition
Bananagrams! The Book
Bananagrams! For Kids
Bananagrams! On-The-Go
Double Bananagrams

Double Bananagrams


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