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Kindergarten Vocabulary Photo Cards (150 Cards)

Manufacturer: Learning Resources

Model Number: LER6081

Recommended Age: Ages 2 and up

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Shipping Weight: 12.6 ounces

Model Number: LER6081

Product Dimensions: 3.6 x 3.6 x 3.5 inches


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Expand you preschoolers vocabulary with this handy card set, which includes keywords from math, language, science, and general vocabulary. Cards are color-coded and divided by tabs for easy use and organization. The front side of each card features a real-life photo with the word. The back side includes the word in a simple sentence underneath the image. These are great to use with the Glenn Doman's How to Teach Your Baby to Read Program.

General words include: address, door, light, animal, dress, monkey, arm, face, mother, autumn, family, music, baby, farmer, name, beach, father, orange, birthday, firefighter, paper, black, food, pizza, blue, garden, plate, brown, grass, pumpkin, chicken, green, purple, children, happy, red, crayon, house, sad, school, shoe, sleep, spider, spring, summer, sunny, train, tree, winter, and yellow.

Math words include: above, first, addition, hour, afternoon, inside, below, last, between, left, calendar, location, date, minute, equal, money, morning, night, number, outside, picture graph, right, shape, subtraction, sum, time, today, tomorrow, under, yesterday, and zero.

Science words include: amphibian, bird, camouflage, egg, environment, fish, flower, habitat, insect, larva, leaf, life cycle, living thing, mammal, nonliving thing, pupa, reptile, roots, season, seed, stem, and tadpole.

Language words include: alphabet, author, beginning, book, consonant, drawing, ending, exclamation point, fairy tale, illustrator, letter, lowercase, period, question mark, rhyme, sentence, speech, story, title, uppercase, vowel, and word.

Challenge words include: bar graph, desert, brother, forest, camera, grassland, chair, minus, circle, moon, clock, ocean, coat, pattern, plus, rainforest, rectangle, rose, sort, spoon, squarer, stars, sun, triangle, and teeth.

-Use as flashcards
-Make an engaging word wall
-Cards are 3" x 3" and are write and wipe cards

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