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New Way Early Readers Series

Nelson Thornes (Author)

Reading Level: Ages 2 and up


New Way is a series of early readers from England which offer a wide range of tales from contemporary stories with the same set of characters to well known classics. The stories are funny and engaging and the small and thin size of the books is perfect for little hands. Our children have enjoyed them immensely and they continue to go back from time to time to revisit them. The series is grouped by ability level (the color of the book indicates the level and there are eight levels) which if you follow from start to finish provides a complete learn to read program. The progression is gradual, creating a ramp which children can easily walk up. By the time they are finished, they can read almost any chapter book at the fourth grade level. I would recommend ordering them one section at a time to make sure they work for you and your child. If your child is just learning to read, plan on spending a long time with the whites, the pinks, and the reds. Things move pretty rapidly after that. This is simply the best set of early readers in the world and you should hold on to them to pass down through the generations of your family!!

-This popular series combines a strong phonics focus with clear structure and humorous content to provide bright and attractive decodable texts, providing straightforward progression with eight levels of reading material to support pupils from 2 to 10 years.

-The great degree of phonic regularity and repetition promotes learning and enables children to approach the books with confidence. The books support the developing readers and encourage fluency by introducing new vocabulary through the use of phonic, picture, semantic and contextual clues.

-Each level has enough books to provide a wide reading experience at a similar level of difficulty and help kids develop confidence in their reading ability before moving on.