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Scrabble Game (Luxury Edition)

Manufacturer: Winning Solutions

Model Number: 21020

Recommended Age: Ages 8 and up

Availability: In stock



Shipping Weight: 15 pounds

Model Number: 21020

Product Dimensions: 4 x 17.75 x 17.75 inches


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Scrabble is the classic word game in which 2-4 players score points by placing letter tiles onto a gameboard to form words in crossword fashion. (Scrabble is a real word in the dictionary, its definition is "to scratch, claw, or grope about frantically".) The Official Scrabble Players Dictionary is highly suggested as a companion to the game. We often have an "open-book" game where everyone is allowed to use the dictionary. This expands everyone's vocabulary quickly along with their Scrabble prowess. Created in 1938, Scrabble is sold in 121 countries in 29 languages. One-third of American homes have a Scrabble set!

-Rotating faux-leather game board with raised grid and gold foil stamping
-Integrated storage drawer
-Plated die-cast tile racks and timer
-Urea tiles and deluxe scorebook

About Winning Solutions:
Winning Solutions was founded in 2000 by two former Parker Brothers/Milton Bradley/Hasbro Games employees. The mission of Winning Solutions is to create unique and deluxe editions of classic Hasbro games like Monopoly, Scrabble, Clue, Yahtzee, and others. These special editions will stand the test of time and can be handed down from generation to generation.