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Zingo! Sight Words

Manufacturer: ThinkFun

Model Number: 7704

Recommended Age: Ages 3 to 8

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Warning: Choking Hazard

Shipping Weight: 1.5 pounds

Model Number: 7704

Product Dimensions: 8.2 x 3.5 x 10.2 inches



Zingo! Sight Words is a fun and interactive word game which teaches words essential to reading. This innovative game based on Bingo encourages pre-readers and early readers alike to match the pictures and words on their challenge cards with the tiles revealed in the Zingo Zinger device. The first player with a full card wins the game by yelling “Zingo!” Two levels of play, and several game variations keep the zaniness going for hours.

Players learn to quickly recognize and read sight words, which are words with spelling that is not always straightforward. Sight words are the most frequently used words in the English language and make up about 50-75% of all written material. Learning and mastering sight words is a key step in becoming a successful, fluent reader. The sight words used in this game have been specially selected by leading educators as the most fundamental for reading development.

-2 to 6 players

- 72 sight words tiles
- 6 double-sided Zingo! cards
- 1 Zingo! Zinger
- Instructions and learning guide

About Thinkfun:
ThinkFun was founded in 1985 by husband and wife team Bill Ritchie and Andrea Barthello. Bill was a born puzzler, so defining his dream company was no challenge. Andrea vividly remembers the day she pulled up in their driveway and declared, "We can do this!" In the early years, Bill and Andrea's basement served as assembly line, home office, and distribution center, and our first product, the Hexadecimal Puzzle, was born right out of that basement. Despite humble beginnings, Bill and Andrea founded ThinkFun, originally called Binary Arts, with a noble mission, "To translate the brilliant ideas of the craziest mathematicians, engineers and inventors into simple toys that can be appreciated by boys and girls around the world." Over the years, Thinkfun has strengthened its commitment to creating products that naturally inspire learning, spark creativity, and build problem solving through play. Thinkfun continues to push into new frontiers with mobile apps, online games, global education programs, and even brain research.