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MightyMind Design Tiles

Manufacturer: MightyMind

Model Number: 44400

Recommended Age: Ages 3 and up

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Warning: Choking Hazard

Shipping Weight: 4.5 ounces

Model Number: 44400



This extra set of tiles allows more kids to play Mighty Mind at the same time. The 32 Design Tiles’ unique relational attributes enable children to understand proportion and symmetry. They can also be used without pattern cards to create free form designs.

Activities and outcomes:
Children solve a series of puzzles, learning to think and build complex designs without assistance.

Why we like Mighty Mind:
- A great educational toy
- Introduces problem solving games at an early age
- Sharpens spatial and deductive reasoning skills
- Pieces are easy to handle and durable
- Easy to carry and take on the road

Leisure Learning Products, Inc., the makers of MightyMind, recognized that every child is different and needs to develop a series of basic skills to succeed. Its award-winning toys apply the concept of “a little challenge and a big reward” to captivate a child’s imagination.

With high play value, MightyMind puzzles teach children to recognize a variety of different attributes, sort by categories, employ basic logic, organize, and apply these skills to accomplish simple tasks.

Stamford, Connecticut. In 26 countries, worldwide. Established in 1976.