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Building Blocks - Home Set

Manufacturer: SumBlox

Model Number: SBHUS001

Recommended Age: Ages 2 and up

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Shipping Weight: 3 pounds

Model Number: SBHUS001


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Stacked in your favor! Open your child's mind to the exciting world of math. Each number block has its value represented by its height. By allowing kids to see the numbers and values at the same time, math concepts become more tangible and easier to understand.


SumBlox Building Blocks teach a wide range of mathematics through guided, hands-on discovery in our SumBlox Learning Activities.With Sumblox, students solidify their understanding of addition by focusing on its properties and manipulating the addend pairs of ten. Students connect addition to its inverse property, subtraction, and develop a strategy to find the difference between two whole numbers. These new skills are learned and assessed through fun activities like building the Tower of Ten.

Students use SumBlox to investigate factors and multiples. Multiplication comes to life as they physically see the relationship between multiplication and repeated addition. As they dig deeper into multiplication, they discover the commutative property and build SumBlox Factor Walls to discover all of the factors of a number.

- Building Block Set: 43 solid beech wood 9 pounds
- Ten 1s
- Four 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9,
- One 10
- Activity Card

Activities and outcomes:
Kids play with height-coded numeral blocks that naturally encourage them to use arithmetic to problem solve and create. They collaborate, explore number combinations and associate fun with numbers while learning number recognition, addition, subtraction and multiplication along the way.

Why we like SumBlox:
- Appropriate for pre-K to 5th grade
- Hands on application of basic math concepts
- Builds confidence, creates excitement and increases retention
- Supports common core math and STEM concepts

SumBlox seeks to bring about lasting change in education through powerful learning games. They believe you don’t have to sacrifice learning content to make something fun! Featured in Forbes and tested in homes and schools, SumBlox is endorsed by renowned mathematician and author Professor Keith J. Devlin, as "One of the best products I have ever seen to help children learn about numbers and basic arithmetic."

Children associate construction blocks with free play and immediately start building with SumBlox as if they were just blocks. Where learning is play, children are intrinsically motivated to explore and discover. With SumBlox, kids do the math themselves without coaching because it’s part of a fun, self-directed game.

In the classroom, SumBlox provides teachers with step-by-step lesson manuals to guide students through hands-on learning activities. Each lesson has been crafted by an experienced teacher who has had amazing success using them in her own classroom.

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