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History of Existing Life Art Print

Manufacturer: Fairhope Graphics

Model Number: TL-P01

Recommended Age: All ages

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Model Number: TL-P01

Product Dimensions: 0 x 24 x 36 inches


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Fairhope Graphics' 'A History of Existing Life' graphically represents all lineages of currently living organisms, positioned on the tree revealing how they are all related to one another and how old they are thought to be based on DNA studies and fossil evidence. There is a geological time line on the right side of the tree for easy reference.

The included 8 page booklet explains in more detail evolution and evolutionary trees. Also included are 24 game cards that can be used in conjunction with the History of Existing Life art print.

Activities and outcomes:
Children and adults study detailed, beautifully illustrated poster-size prints, wall murals and giclées. Curious students learn about evolution and natural history, absorbing and understanding concepts visually and logically.

Why we like Fairhope Graphics:
- Conveys current evolution and natural history research in beautiful ways.
- Vibrant colors and clear details.
- Encourages self-directed, visual learning.
- Suitable for the classroom wall.

Named after a Pennsylvania family’s 212-year-old “fixer-upper” farmhouse outside Philadelphia, Fairhope Graphics creates products that combine education and captivating graphic design.

The company evolved organically from the family’s journey to understand natural history. A summer of discovery on the Norfolk, England coast led to curious visits to botanical gardens and Natural History museums. Wanting to see the whole tree of life picture, they found that existing posters were either too scientific or too simple.

Combining two years of research, Mark’s collection of antique prints and Jennifer’s background in graphic design and watercolors, they created a tree of life that shows the beauty in all this information. Subsequent “information design” posters reflect their new appreciation for the fascinating story of life and the planet we inhabit.

Located in Glen Mills, Pennsylvania