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V4 Pogo Stick - Small (5'5" and under)

Manufacturer: Vurtego

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Shipping Weight: 15 pounds

Product Dimensions: 14 x 41 x 5 inches

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The V4 is Vurtego's fourth generation air-powered pogo stick. It’s based on the idea of a portable trampoline. You can adjust the air pressure to jump 2 feet high or 6 feet high. The more air you pump into the V4 Pogo Stick, the stiffer the spring will become. The stiffer spring allows you to jump higher than a traditional pogo stick—much higher.

The V4 is most comfortable when jumping 5 feet high or less, although it is still capable of going up to 8 feet. It’s a great all-around pogo stick, capable of doing just about anything you want. The V4 is designed for riders who weigh 75 pounds or more. For lighter weight riders, please read more here before purchasing. If you still have questions, shoot us an email and we’ll help out.

If you’re between 4’8” and 5’5” (142cm — 165cm), we recommend getting the small. If you’re 5’3” and growing fast, you can consider purchasing a medium. But keep in mind that jumping on a stick that’s too tall is more difficult than jumping on a stick that is too short. If you are in between sizes, it’s usually better to go smaller.

Also available in Medium (5'6" - 5'11")
Also available in Large (6'+)

Choose How To Use The V4:
Fun - You only want to jump a foot or two off the ground? Not a problem. A little bit of air creates a nice, soft spring. The low air pressure will soften the spring for a carefree bounce that won’t go more than a couple feet high.

Fitness - The V4 is great for cardio, and it’s easy on your body. Compared to the impact from running, the smooth transition of jumping up and down on our pogo sticks minimizes joint stress and hits just about every muscle group.

Sport - When we say you can do just about anything on the V4 that you can do on a trampoline, we mean really do mean it! For us, the V4 is all about that split second of lapse in gravity, the weightlessness, at the top of a really high jump.

Weight Requirment:
As a rule of thumb we recommend that jumpers weigh 75 lbs or more to ride a V4 pogo stick, but more athletic jumpers can get away with weighing less. Someone who weighs 60 lbs will feel a lot of friction in the pogo stick. Because of that they’ll need to time their bounces properly in order to power the air spring. If you’re less than 60 lbs you should wait until you get a little heavier. There is no upper weight limit for the V4 Pogo Stick. We’ve yet to encounter anyone who can outperform our air spring. The V4 air piston can withstand almost 1,000 psi…contrast that to Biff Hutchison’s 11-foot record jump in which he reached about 450psi, and we’re a long ways off from really pushing the limits of the V4’s design.

- Never, ever get onto a Vurtego pogo stick (or any pogo stick, for that matter) without your helmet. This is rule numero uno! While injuries tend to be pretty rare, hitting your head is always a possibility – and it only takes one fall to crack your noggin open.
- Only bounce on flat, even surfaces. Make sure that the surface you’re bouncing on is sturdy. With a high bounce, you can be apply 100s of pounds of pressure per square inch on that bounce pad.
- It’s possible to cover a significant amount of ground between bounces on a Vurtego. Don’t bounce next to people, cars or other objects that you might accidentally land on.
- Don’t bounce on slick surfaces.
-Be wary of any overhead objects that you might bounce up into. You can pretty easily get your head 10 feet or higher on a Vurtego.
- If you lose your balance in the air, ditch the stick and land safely on your feet.
- Don’t ever take your stick apart with pressure in it. Always let the air pressure out of it and collapse the slide shaft completely before doing any work on it!

Pogo 101

Moving Around on a Pogo Stick

Bail without Getting Hurt

Activities and outcomes:
Enthusiasts and kids of all ages bounce as high as they dare—five feet or more—on an air spring pogo stick based on the idea of a portable trampoline. Riders jump for fun, sport or fitness to impress their friends, learn new tricks or experience a thrilling cardio workout.

Why we like Vurtego:
Adjustable air spring quickly adapts bounce to suit any rider
Three sizes fit riders of different heights
Durable and light weight

Vurtego builds high quality, high performance pogo sticks made in the USA. Its patented air spring system allows riders to adjust the strength of their bounce, whether they want to bounce 2 or 10 feet high. And because the spring is made of air, it never wears out!

We’re constantly tinkering with new ways to improve the design of our sticks. The increased air volume in the V4 makes the bounce feel far more like a trampoline than ever before. It’s a softer, yet more powerful bounce that allows you to determine your own personal use.

Our goal at Vurtego is to bring back a little bit of that childhood joy that seems to be missing from today's world. We make the best quality pogo stick that we possibly can with the hopes of putting a smile on our customers' faces as they achieve personal flight - if only for a heartbeat.

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