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Birds and Chirps Exploration


Introduce kids to nature and the joys of bird watching with this colorful collection of avian books, kits and activities. You’ll find ideal gifts to decorate a bedroom wall, inspire creativity, promote hands-on discovery and help develop early language. Young readers learn how birds stay airborne, their habitat, diet and up-to-date conservation status.

Bird lovers of all ages can create colorful designs or play games that feature some of Europe and North America’s most fascinating birds. You’ll encourage creativity and interaction, teaching fine and gross motor skills, as your kids animate a screech owl puppet, learn how to create a bird journal and whip up a batch of bird food.

Bill Nye the Science Guy: Birds
Glitter Birds Art Kit
Happy Lili 3D Pop-Up Paper Wall Decoration
Migratory Birds (South Bound European) Poster
Birds of Gardens & Parklands of the British Isles & Europe Poster
Wild Cards: North American Birds
Water Birds Bit of Intelligence Cards
My First Bird Book and Bird Feeder
Birds Fandex Family Field Guide
Screech Owl Puppet (with Turning Head)
What Bird Am I? (The Bird Identification Game)
Silk Scarf Painting Kit - Peacock

Silk Scarf Painting Kit - Peacock


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