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Here Comes Summer! Exploration


Going to the beach means summer fun and family togetherness. Here are some great ideas to enhance your restful day as the kids enjoy an open-ended, age-appropriate building experience. They’ll construct their own fun with indispensable sand shovels, funnels and molds, create awesome sand castles, garnish a sand cake or enjoy pretend sand or real ice cream.

At home or the lake, they’ll compress hours into minutes with a model catamaran to build, float and propel. Or, enhance their building skills as they imagine a day at the amusement park erecting and riding the roller coaster, drop tower or Ferris wheel.

22 Inch Sand Shovel
Terra Kids: Catamaran Construction Set
Baudino Spilling Funnel Sand Toy
Ice Cream Regular Cone (Set of Four)
Princess, Knight, & Horse Sand Molds
Baby's Sand Set
Ice Cream Scoop Sand Toy (Set of Three)
Large Sand Pail (2.5 Liters)
LEGO Friends: Amusement Park Roller Coaster
Terra Kids: LED Lamp
Terra Kids: Beaker Magnifier
Terra Kids: Telescope
Terra Kids: Knack of Knots Experimental Box
Terra Kids: Binoculars with Bag
Terra Kids: Off-Road Vehicle Assembly Kit
Terra Kids: Pocket Magnifying Glass
Digging Bucket Sand Toy
24 Inch Baudino Building Scoop (for Dirt, Sand, or Snow)
12 Inch Building Shovel (for Sand or Dirt)
Sand Gardening Sand Toys
Sun Bistro Sand Snack Sand Toys
Sun Bistro Sand Candies Sand Toys
Sun Bistro Pizza Bakery Sand Toys
Sun Bistro Sand Shaker Sand Toy
Sun Bistro Sand Cutlery Sand Toys
Baby Sand Bucket
Sand Bucket Scooter
Large Sand Gardening Set
Master Bricklayer Sand Toy Set

Master Bricklayer Sand Toy Set


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Sun Bistro Big Sand Breakfast Sand Toys
Sun Bistro Pat-a-Cake Bake Set Sand Toys