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LEGO Chain Reactions: Design and build amazing moving machines

Pat Murphy; The Scientists at Klutz (Author)

Reading Level: Ages 7 and up

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Publisher: Klutz

Language: English

ISBN: 9780545703307

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Product Dimensions: .9 x 9.5 x 10 inches



LEGO Chain Reactions is packed full of ideas, instructions, and inspiration for 10 LEGO machines that spin, swing, pivot, roll, lift, and drop. Each machine alone is awesome, but put them together and you get incredible chain reactions. Then, combine the machines in any order you like to create your own chain reactions. Our team of experts worked with educators and 11-year-olds to invent the machines, then wrote a book that teaches the skills (and some of the physics behind the fun) kids need to create their own amazing chain reaction machines.

Our book includes 33 special LEGO elements that combine with basic bricks from your collection to make your machines go. But don't worry that you won't have the right bricks; we worked with the folks at LEGO to make sure you'll need only the most common bricks, and that there are plenty of substitutes. The result is a chain reaction of fun, as one thing leads to anotherand#8212;and anotherand#8212;and another.

- 78 page book
- 33 LEGO elements
- 6 LEGO balls
- 6 feet of string
- 8 paper ramps
- 2 paper pop-up signs
- 1 paper funnel ramp
- 1 paper flag
- 1 paper bucket
- 1 platform