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Musical Adventures Exploration


Playing with sound is one of life's great joys! Little sound explorers love to shake to the beat as they pound, rattle, roll and spin to produce interesting sounds. Our carefully selected assortment of books, CDs, DVDs and instruments perfect for little hands are the playthings our kids spend hours on.

Encourage musically creative play and share great music performed by America’s best-loved artists. Uncover intriguing facts, anecdotes, and insights into composers from Bach to Vivaldi. Entice your children to discover the world of music and rhythm as they maximize sensory development, learn to distinguish sounds, improve hand-eye coordination and develop gross and fine motor skills.

Composers Bit of Intelligence Cards
Musical Instruments Bit of Intelligence Cards
Music Band Table
Composers' Special DVD Collection
Blue Moo: 17 Jukebox Hits From Way Back Never Book and CD
Philadelphia Chickens Book and CD
Composers Fandex Family Field Guide
Who Was Louis Armstrong?
Who Was Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart?
Musical Egg Shakers
Toddler/Preschool Shaker Drum


Toddler/Preschool Percussion Set
Musical Voyage Set
First Steps in Music Set
Tattoo Red Xylo Roller Toy
Bill Nye the Science Guy: The Science of Music
Pound & Tap Musical Bench

Pound & Tap Musical Bench


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Young Maestro Musical Shakers (Set of 4)