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Noah's Ark by Jean-Jacques Loup 2,000 Piece Puzzle

Manufacturer: Heye

Model Number: 25475

Recommended Age: Ages 8 and up

Availability: In stock



Shipping Weight: 2.7 pounds

Model Number: 25475

Product Dimensions: 11 x 16.5 x 7.7 inches



-Final puzzle size is 27 x 38 inches
-Cartoon illustration
-Triangular box
-Poster included

About the artist
Jean-Jacques Loup has worked as a cartoonist in France since 1969. In 1974, he started focusing on comic strips, then became a political cartoonist at the Rebus press in the programm Droit de réponse with Michel Polac on TF1. Loup has worked for various French newspapers, including L’Express, and for magazines such as Mormoil, Fluide Glacial and Charlie Mensuel. An accomplished artist, he is also an architect and a jazz pianist.

Activities and outcomes:
Older children and families assemble art-quality puzzles that feature unique images and spectacular, stunning photography from award-winning artists. Families and experienced puzzlers learn history and geography, laugh, and enjoy epic adventure as they master each fascinating work of art.

Why we like Heye Puzzles:
- An excellent way to create a challenging and fun family activity
- Stunning images are good enough to glue, frame, and hang on display
- High-quality materials and attention to detail

The Heye Puzzle Company was founded in 1962, by Friedrich Wilhelm Heye. Heye established the company worldwide as a supplier of high-quality jigsaw puzzles with original and innovative motifs. The colorful, round Heye logo can be found on over 200 puzzles.

Heye originally focused on humor and cartoons but over time developed a comprehensive product range featuring a variety of formats and topics. Some of the products quickly became bestsellers, and renowned international artists like Mordillo, Hugo Prades and Victoria Francés became long-time collaborators.

Heye manufactures its puzzles with a high-quality green board backing and vibrant image paper that retains its art-quality look over time. Heye is a subsidiary of the German publishing house KV&H Verlag.

Headquarters near Munich, Germany