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Puss in Boots Glove Puppet

Manufacturer: HABA

Model Number: 7285

Recommended Age: Ages 2 to 12

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Shipping Weight: 1.4 ounces

Model Number: 7285

Product Dimensions: 5.98 x 5.28 x 3.66 inches



Say "Howdy!" to the Puss in Boots Glove Puppet! Every show needs a good guy and this dude fits the bill. His charming smile is sure to steal the show, little puppeteers will love being able to bring him to life. Just be careful, Puss has been known to outwit those around him . . .

Children and parents can easily perform imaginative little theatrical plays with glove puppets. Who fancies a wild chase through the fairy tale wood or a funny picnic next to the magic lake? Whether it is making up you own stories or re-enacting fairy tales, puppets offer all sorts of ways to delve into the world of fantasy.

-10.5" high
-Made of polyester
-Machine washable

About Haba:
It all began with wooden toys that were “finely sanded and polished wonderfully smooth, just right for tender children’s hands,” as the 1939 catalog emphasized. Today these blocks are still part of the Haba product palette. The factory for fine wooden toys has been transformed into “the producer of inventive playthings for inquisitive minds.” Games, blocks, dolls, and rattles, the Haba range includes around 1,500 items. All have one thing in common: Haba's attention to detail makes each item special and unique. Haba toys facilitate children’s development, make their lives happier, more exciting, and full of the delight of discovery.

Every year, Haba's inventors develop around 500 new games and toys for children. Haba follows a basic principle for toys: each toy is only as safe as its materials. Wood, paints and fabrics are continually checked and improved. Just like their finished toys, Haba’s raw materials correspond to all safety standards and laws and they use woods from sustainable forestry in German forests. All paints are water-based and solvent-free. For decades, Haba has been working together with German supply partners to only use first-class stains, varnishes and print colors. Materials for toys not produced in the town of Bad Rodach are checked and monitored in Germany. Haba has been manufacturing award winning, high quality, and sustainable wooden toys and games for over 75 years. Haba is a name parents worldwide trust for their little ones. Haba products are both innovative and simple with a classic quality which ensures these cherished tools for exploration will stand the test of time.