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Camping Adventures Exploration


Whether you're planning an overnight in the backyard or a weekend in the wilderness, this collection of essential take-along items for young nature lovers includes everything you need for an exciting, fun and educational camping adventure the kids will look forward to and talk about for years.
You’ll find books, games and gear to inspire, educate, and entertain—with important stuff to know and tasty outdoor recipes. Share bonding moments as your children explore the nighttime sky, learn important everyday survival skills, tell creepy campfire stories, make their own lantern shine without batteries, and leave no trace.

Terra Kids: Telescope
Terra Kids: Binoculars with Bag
Terra Kids: Pocket Magnifying Glass
LEGO Creator: Vacation Getaways - 31052
What Bird Am I? (The Bird Identification Game)
Professor Noggin's Wildlife of North America Card Game
Terra Kids: Knack of Knots Experimental Box
Terra Kids: LED Lamp
Exploring the World of Raccoons
Trees Fandex Family Field Guide
Butterflies of the World Fandex Family Field Guide
Birds Fandex Family Field Guide
Camp Out! The Ultimate Kids' Guide