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Queen Rosa's Shield

Manufacturer: Lion Touch

Model Number: 25.101

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Shipping Weight: 6 ounces

Model Number: 25.101

Product Dimensions: 1 x 17.8 x 13.6 inches



All our shields are made from 2 layers of highest quality EVA foam which ensures that they are sturdy and durable. Scandinavian designed with detailed, unique illustrations using bright, vivid and long lasting colours, featuring a realistic curvature with glinting sunlight effect.

All come with Velcro arm fastenings for adjustability and safety that are riveted for extra reinforcement.

Activities and outcomes:
Children wield swords in imaginary battles dressed as kings and queens, knights Vikings, Romans, pirates and various mythical heroes. They safely play out their fantasies in a classic and yet very modern play experience.

Why we like Liontouch:
- Encourages children to imagine and play an active way
- A safe approach to indulging children’s sword play
- High-quality materials with a passion for details

All our swords are made from multi-layered, highest quality EVA foam, a soft but resilient material which allows them to maintain their shape through repeated use. They are feathered at the point so that they will flex without fail to ensure a high standard of safety.

Visiodan Ltd. began in 1995 by selling swords and shields made from EVA foam to amusement parks throughout Europe and the USA. Supported by the belief that sword play comes as naturally to children as kicking a ball, these EVA items grew into their own brand of dress up items under the name Liontouch.

A passion for the details means that you will find battle scars on the shields and ventilation holes in the helmets. The swords are all feathered at the point to give the impression of a long, slim blade that will flex reliably and safely.

From the start, the company has been constantly striving to combine the best, most durable materials with intricate artwork and innovative, unique design features to maintain their standing as the No. 1 manufacturer of safe children’s active fantasy toys.

Headquarters near Copenhagen, Denmark. Sold in countries all over the world