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Windmill Construction Set

Manufacturer: Wise Elk Trading

Recommended Age: Ages 3 and up

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Warning: Choking Hazard

Shipping Weight: 2 pounds

Product Dimensions: 5 x 8 x 4 inches

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Be a medieval builder for a couple hours. Use real ceramic bricks to build the old windmill. Layout 430 small but real bricks a row by row and get the own small windmill, real and beautiful. Wise elk plaster construction sets make perfect family time activity you can build a castle with your own hands the game inspires social interaction, teamwork and the desire to achieve results.

Small real-looking bricks and tiles are easily and firmly connected with safe non-toxic glue. Follow the instruction to build a model or use your imagination to create your own unique designs!

These construction sets are reusable! To deconstruct your model just pour warm water into a plastic container and put the model in the water for 30 minutes. Then separate bricks with no efforts, let them dry and use again! For assembling and reassembling please use PVA glue only.

- 430 real plaster bricks with glue to put it all together
- Natural materials, plaster and real ceramic on a roof
- Includes all the necessary materials to build
- This kit is reusable, you could put it under the water for 30 minutes and build whatever you like

Activities and outcomes:
Children push and pull wooden toy animals, trains, and vehicles, stack blocks, assemble puzzles and construct castles and fortresses. Creative play helps them learn colors, shapes, numbers and animals while improving balancing skills and developing logical and spatial thinking.

Why we like Wise Elk:
Colorful designs inspire long hours of creative play.
Kids can follow puzzle instructions or mix and create new pictures.
Convenient boxes make the games perfect for travel.

WISE ELKTM toys are made of ECO-friendly natural materials designed to educate and entertain kids. Under the banner, “Handmade with Love” the company gathers the best craft producers who make beautiful toys.

Focused on using natural materials and developing unique designs, the WISE ELKTM collection includes toys for kids of different ages. All meet safety standards of the USA, EU and Australia.

WISE ELKTM wooden toys are designed for long hours of fun and creative play as well as for easy learning. All include a warm touch of perfectly polished woods, lovely colors and beautiful designs. They are made of solid pieces of premium wood from ecologically safe regions of the Carpathian Mountains and painted with non-toxic paints.

WISE ELK, Slovakia, Australia and the USA