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Drawing Stencils - Backyard Adventure

Manufacturer: Tree Hopper Toys

Model Number: ST002

Recommended Age: Ages 5 and up

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Shipping Weight: 1 pound

Model Number: ST002

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With this unique set of stencils, kids and adults will love exploring their own creativity while designing a backyard adventure, one piece at a time. Use our Idea Sheet (included) to learn about scale, perspective, and pattern making, or experiment on your own to illustrate a truly one of a kind Backyard Adventure!

This set contains 8 premium stencil sheets, which are thin enough to allow for more detail than most stencils, while also being very durable.

Use your drawing media of choice. Whether it's paint, colored pencils, markers, pen and ink, it will look great and be easy to clean off the stencil!

• Design & Illustration by Delicious Design League
• Ages 5+
• 7" x 9"
• Made in America

Activities and outcomes:
Young children match and stack to learn the ABCs while improving vocabulary and motor skills and exploring their own imaginations. Older kids learn about scale, perspective and pattern making by drafting a masterpiece or designing a backyard adventure.

Why we like Tree Hopper Toys:
- Durable, fun and safe multi-generation toys
- MATCH STACKS™ discs can be integrated into other open-ended and creative play
- Fun and eclectic Hipster ABC Matching Tile Set builds language skills

Tree Hopper Toys is a small, family owned toy company that designs and manufactures distinctive toys and gifts that curious kids love. Since 2010 they have been combining old-fashioned quality and contemporary design to create modern, heirloom products that can be passed down from one generation to the next.

The Tree Hopper philosophy is simple. Kids work hard. They explore everything. They dissect the physical world around them and learn more about it by the minute. Just like any demanding work, it requires certain tools. For kids, toys are the tools of the trade. With that in mind, they design interactive, kid driven, safe, fun, and durable tools that work alongside a child’s creativity and imagination.