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Colorcube Puzzle

Manufacturer: Ikoso

Model Number: 230

Recommended Age: Ages 10 and up

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Shipping Weight: 1.5 pounds

Model Number: 230

Product Dimensions: 4 x 11 x 13 inches


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This optical brainteaser presents a unique and fun challenge that can be used to teach the basic dimensions of color: hue, value and saturation. The 64 colors on the cube are combinations of cyan, magenta and yellow. Each cube is made up of 0%, 33%, 67% or 100% of the three colors. As you arrange the 64 smaller cubes to build the large cube, your challenge is to find the one truly harmonious solution to this puzzle.

-Instructions, color poster and color guide included

About Ikoso:
Ikoso Kits make permanent, 3-D geometric shapes. Ikoso Kits offer an imaginative, fun way to illustrate mathematical constructs, chemical structures and artistic shapes. Ikoso's designers been inspired by the likes of Plato and the ancient Greeks, Buckminster Fuller and Frank Lloyd Wright. In constructing an Ikoso Kit, you’ll find lots of opportunity to learn and create something you’ll be proud to display. Building one of our kits is easy enough to hold the attention of older children, yet challenging enough to interest engineers, architects, mathematicians and scientists! It’s a great team-building project, too!