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Monet: Shadow and Light


Rated: G

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Language: English

Running Time: 54 minutes

Number of Discs: 1



This story is of Claude Monet in 1869 at the very beginning of the Impressionist Movement. In a small town on the banks of the Seine outside Paris, Monet (Stuart Hughes) is experimenting with his revolutionary new painting style. He is passionate about color, light and nature. He and his friend Pierre-Auguste Renoir (Richard Clarkin) spend days on end perfecting their canvasses that are shimmering reflections of the local landscapes. Monet has little success selling his works, but he remains an optimist. He is also proud, and extremely committed to his art, so much so that his rich father cuts him off from his only source of income, a family allowance.

Luckily Monet has a friend in aspiring young artist Daniel (Trevor Blumas), who is the son of his landlady. Daniel also has mixed feelings about his father, who he believes has run off to Avignon to paint. Monet gradually becomes both a mentor and father-figure in the boy's life, as Daniel even skips school to accompany Monet on his painting excursions. This greatly dismays the boy's mother (Maggie Huculak) who has just evicted Monet from the inn with great fanfare. But when Daniel finally learns the truth - that his father has abandoned him - Monet is the only one who can reach through to him. Though they both feel like giving up, together they see through these difficult times. In doing so they teach each other the importance of holding on to goals and dreams.

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