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Chess Tutor Step 1 CD-ROM

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Format: CD-ROM

Language: English

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Chess Tutor is a Microsoft Windows based computer program for teaching chess, based on the step by step method of Brunia/van Wijgerden. It has a solid pedagogical foundation and is highly effective. Chess Tutor is ideal for self-study and is a perfect starting point for all ages.

Chess Tutor is the successor of Tasc Chess. The interface and graphics have improved drastically, but the most important improvement is that Chess Tutor has a chess engine running in the background. This allows a more flexible response when an error is made than "the answer is wrong." Chess Tutor provides more interaction between the program and the student. The difficulty level and subjects correspond with the books, but none of the exercises have been published before. Chess Tutor is available for Step 1, Step 2 and Step 3.

-Instructions for every subject
-Over 1800 exercises
-Positions to practice against the computer
-Games to analyze
-System requirements: PC Windows XP or Vista 7

About Chess-Steps
Chess-Steps was developed in 1987 by Rob Brunia and Cor van Wijgerden to teach children to play chess. Embraced by the Royal Dutch Chess Federation, Chess-Steps became the single most popular method in The Netherlands. It spread throughout Europe and is now available world wide. Chess-Steps is praised as one of the most innovative chess instructional programs in the world and is used by some of the best chess teachers in New York City.

The step by step method consists of six steps. Each step has a workbook with exercises and summaries for the student and an accompanying manual for the teacher/trainer/parent. The exercises in the workbooks are categorized by subject. A typical page has a title indicating the problem and 12 diagrammed puzzles. The manuals contain complete scripted lessons for the teacher, as well as aids that address the learning stages and development of children. The answers of the workbook exercises can be found after each subject in the manual. The books are written in such a way that the actual level of the teacher's chess knowledge is of lesser importance. Chess-Steps works well in all teaching situations including schools, chess clubs and individual lessons. The step by step approach is an effective teaching tool for all ages.