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Winslow Homer: An American Original


Rated: G

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Language: English

Running Time: 49 minutes

Number of Discs: 1



This film is set in 1874, by which time Winslow Homer (Wayne Best) had seen and recorded enough of the horrors of the Civil War. Leaving the battlefield and his post as illustrator for Harpers' Weekly behind, Homer goes to Houghton Farm to be alone, refocus and paint. Breathing in the fresh air, he sets up his easel at the nearby river. A truant boy, Gabe (Ryan Deboer) fires his slingshot directly at Homer, sending brushes and paints floating downstream. Then a mysterious, babbling girl named Fee (Tamara Hope) appears out of the woods to follow the painter. The children are fascinated with Homer and his art and he has no choice but to show them his studio. Since he can't get rid of them, Homer asks them to be his models. As they pose, Gabe and Fee become fast friends.

A rift between the children leaves Homer at a loss to complete the paintings he has started, so he does his best to bring them together. The two youngsters together with Homer eventually share the truth about their lives and what the war had done to their families, and to themselves. Through their ability to share their feelings, to escape the fear and shadows of the Civil War, all three of them discover that the present has more to offer than the ghosts of their past.

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