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Explore the Impressionists

Manufacturer: Blooming Minds


Explore the Impressionist artists Monet, Degas, and Cassatt, and the Post-Impressionist painter van Gogh with your kids. Take them on a journey of light and discovery. Start with the DVDs about Cassatt, Monet, and Renoir so they can understand artists are real people with challenges and gifts. Next, get out the Master Kitz or Aquarelle sets for some hands-on art creation of Impressionist paintings. Read a couple of biographies about the artists and play some art games where the kids will be excited with their newly acquired knowledge about these masterpieces. Move on to van Gogh's art to see what kind of impact the Impressionists had on other artists. Finally, get out some great art supplies like our gel crayons and create your own Impressions!