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Master Sculpz Let's Explore Cubism …

Manufacturer: Kidzaw

Model Number: 201

Recommended Age: Ages 6 and up

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Warning: Choking Hazard

Shipping Weight: 2 pounds

Model Number: 201

Product Dimensions: 16.2 x 12.2 x .7 inches


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Three panels of sturdy, fun, colorful Picasso-inspired cut-outs to create multiple sculptures.

Pablo Picasso changed how artists made “sculpture”, when he began creating his sculptures by combining odd objects and unheard of materials into one constructed piece of sculpture. This type of sculpture is called “contstruction” and now you can create your own Picasso-inspired sculpture using his method.

The “Let’s explore Cubism” MasterSculpz includes three panels of sturdy, fun, colorful Picasso-inspired cut-outs to create multiple sculptures and learning materials to deepen their understanding of sculpture and Cubism. Each “Let’s explore Cubism” MasterSculpz includes:

Three panels of pieces that are easy to pop-out and start building right away.
Artist's Feature: Folding parts to make your sculpture pop-up in different directions.
Child-friendly learning materials teach “Cubism” and how Picasso changed the world of sculpture.
Easy-to-follow instructions

Activities and outcomes:
Children create their own masterpieces and deepen their understanding of art history and the great masters.

Why we like Kidzaw:
- It’s children’s art with high aspirations
- Reusable, quality materials
- Ingenious tools for kids to paint like the masters

Kidzaw is a children's art company dedicated to educating and inspiring young artists. Their Master Kitz and Master Sculpz lines provide a fun and engaging way to expose children to the great masters and build a better foundation for their art education.

With learning materials and tools developed in the classroom over 5 years, Kidzaw’s fail proof Learn Create Share process will both engage and delight you and your child. Kidzaw was founded with a firm belief that it’s never too early to introduce children to art history and the great masters.

Headquarters: Chicago, Illinois.