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Strauss: The King of 3/4 Time


Rated: G

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Language: English

Running Time: 51 minutes

Number of Discs: 1



The year is 1868, the city Vienna, the music exhilarating, yet all is not well with Johann Strauss Jr., the brilliant composer known as the "King of 3/4 Time." Strauss (Michael Riley) may be the toast of waltzing Vienna, but he is haunted by the constant pressure to outdo himself with each new composition and by the memory of his late father, who though a musician himself disapproved of his son's musical ambitions. Nicholas (Derek Senft), a humble stable boy at the estate where Strauss takes refuge to work on his next creation, has even more pressing concerns. He's deathly fearful of his brutal stepfather and feels he has nowhere to turn for help. To their surprise, the composer and the boy find in one another a piece of life's emotional puzzle, discovering the healing bond of trust and embarking on a collaboration that will be music to the world's ears. Inspired by Tales from The Vienna Woods, The Blue Danube, Vienna Blood, Roses from the South and Perpetual Motion.

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