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Velvet Animals Art Set

Manufacturer: Djeco

Recommended Age: Ages 3 to 6

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Shipping Weight: 2 pounds

Product Dimensions: 17 x 12 x 6 inches


The velvet colouring set has been designed for younger children, helping them create beautiful pictures with a textural effect. The black velvet prevents the colouring going over the lines, and provides a sharp contrast against the bright colours creating a dramatic look. Animalz has a theme of various creatures on the go - racing cars, at sea in the rain, and racing down a ski slope.

Activities and outcomes:
Kids young and old fold and stick to make paper toys, create pictures with stickers and scratch to reveal drawings. Paper dolls, stencils, simple art kits and tools spur on a child's creativity as a whole universe comes to life.

Why we like Djeco:
- An unbelievably entertaining, educational, and imaginative collection of toys puzzles, art kits and room decorations
- Promotes activities and play essential to a child's development
- Quality design and materials
- Something for every child
- Make very attractive presents

A French company we discovered in a little art shop on the French Caribbean island of St. Bart's. Its exotic name refers to a Southeast Asian gecko said to bring good luck to one's home.

Djeco's collection of toys, puzzles, games, art kits and room decorations grew from an emphasis on graphic art, design quality, and a beautiful aesthetic. Faithful to their artistic approach, the passionate and inventive Djeco creative team calls on talented illustrators to enhance their large catalog of products.

They create with a spirit of freedom that makes space for fun and the most eccentric ideas. Together, they seek, experiment, share... And out of this chaos, toys are invented with a thousand and one colors to make children dream, laugh and discover the world.

Paris, France. Shipped from the USA and other countries